गुरुवार, ४ ऑगस्ट, २०१६

   i am come with you is studing with  vijyan ashrma    

  with eletrical beacuse  iam study in my school beacuse i am intrest here to also

with our intertsting corst of the whene i am leasteig to the whene i cam with father to here i am intrsting to sea vinja ashrma school beacuse  to the teache to the  the sir and madma to students iam
leasteing to the carefully leasten to beacusea to very beatiful natiur to at school  to sir kualikrni sir
its pricpal  sir thanks   to sea there beatiful school

  नाव:- पियुष कैलाश शांक्र्पेल्ली

पत्ता - मंठा चौफ्फ्ली जालना  

        मो - ९४२३७११२४८ 

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